June 1, 2011


         What are we but mere beings on this earth? Should I be impressed with what I see in the mirror, I guess it depends on what I'm looking for. Everytime I look I don't see anything other than the background of the room... It's empty. Occasionally a blur appears in the center but it quicky fades away, like a moving fog, or a puff of smoke. It made its mark, actually more of a smear on the surface - just another spot to wipe away later. Overtime more of these smears appear, now obstructing the view of the room itself. What does that matter, the room was empty anyways. I searched over and over in that mirror but I could never see anything, for it was too crowded - I never could anyways. Well that mirror is old now and the smears just won't wipe away. Its had its chance to reflect but it could never produce anything more than a blurred and clouded image.
                                                                                                                                                                     - Jeremy C. Biggar

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