June 1, 2011


        I can't get out, there's no escape. I am confined. I scream out yet no one hears. I shake my cell raveningly like a wild beast who has just been caught. I can't breathe, nor do I wish to. Death is far better than this pain, it almost seems soothing now. I welcome it, yet it never comes to me - or perhaps it already has. I moan here dying yet death won't finish me! The key to this prison lies right across from me, but I can't see it for I am blind. I'm lost and will forever remain here wading helplessly through the deep abyss of my sins.
                                                            - Jeremy C. Biggar

1 comment:

  1. Until Jesus Christ comes on the scene... ;)

    Then, Light born to consume all darkness enters into the very chasm of soul where breaches gave permission for lies to rule, and suddenly TRUTH speaks. Just one word, one Name: Jesus, and like a mighty sword, swift like lighting, Truth cuts through chains, and the soul begins to breathe Freedom again.